Ottagono Italy – Palermo Design Week 2009 Award, 2009 July-August

SEEYOU gravestone IVANKA ottagono_cimlap_2009.08__resize


CURVE Australia, 2009

ICON 072 Issue  – Things, 2009 June

ELLE DECOR Russia – News, 2009 June

Art App Italy – SALONE DEL MOBILE MILANO, 2009 June

ELLE DEKOR Hungary – Expedíció a design fővárosába MILANO 2009 / Magyarok Milánóban, 2009 June

milan2009 (3)_Page_1-2_Hakkel Vanda “büszkék lehetünk mindazokra, akik a magyar színeket képviselték a milánói design-paradicsomban. Az idei fesztiválon minden reményt felülmúló figyelmet kapott a magyar formatervezés”

milan2009 (3)_Page_1-3 ivanka__1_

MING Hong Kong – Seeyou tombstone, 2009 May

VISI South Africa – Report on the Milan Furniture Show, 2009 May

Guardian UK Here comes the designer gravestone 2009 May 10 By Helen Brown “The high-concept Seeyou gravestone met an enthusiastic reception at this year’s Milan Design Fair. In its constant quest for the freshest, sexiest, most age-defying products, the design world takes little time out to contemplate mortality. But having queued for a playful bounce on the show’s hippest chair, visitors to this year’s Milan Design Fair were brought up short. Sombre crowds gathered respectfully around the Seeyou gravestone, designed by Akos Maurer Klimes and Peter Kucsera, both 29, for Hungarian concrete company Ivanka.”

INTERNI – News, 2009 January

interni gennaio-febbraio seeyou 2009 First Page

HVG – Magyar Sírsiker, 2008 /49.

Gazeta Wyborza Poland Wysokie Obkasy 44/2008 – PROJEKT OSTATECZNY



aeeyou gravestone styl50-1 ivanka

– –


2009.06.28. AT Casa Palermo? Il design abita qui / Verso Sud. L’Europa approda in Sicilia: viaggio nella contemporaneità alla scoperta della nuova creatività “Progetto vincitore del Premio Palermo Design Week.”

2009.06.07. The New York Times A New Eye for Design in Budapest By Evan Rail  “There are creative industrial designers as well, like Ivanka, which just showed off its remarkably expressive and fluid home furnishings made from concrete at the Milan International Design Fair.”

2009.05.23. Népszabadság A kevesebb több /A magyar formatervezés formájáról

2009.05.20. Magyar Nemzet Dizájnsiker az elmúlás jegyében Sashegyi Zsófia  “Az elmúlás szokatlan érzékenységgel megalkotott emlékművét mutatta be a milánói Milan Design Fair elnevezésű formatervezői vásár Salone Satellite programján az Ivanka Beton a közelmúltban. A magyar cég többek közt két magyar tervező, Kucsera Péter és Maurer Klimes Ákos különös sírkövével érkezett a kiállításra, és a meglepő témájú tárggyal meglepő sikert aratott.”

2009.05.13. DunaTV Világsiker előtt az elmúlás formatervezett szimbóluma? Szerző: Szabó Zoltán. “Az idén Milánóban megrendezett (Milan Design Fair) formatervezői vásáron a szakma és a közönség egyaránt lelkesen fogadta a magyar tervezők által megalkotott Seeyou sírkövet. A Guardian cikke miközben kiemelten foglalkozott az alkotással, áttekintette a brit temetői szokásokat is. A legfrissebb, a legszexisebb és a kortalanságot sugalló termékek bemutatóján a formatervezői szakma ezúttal egy kis időt szakított arra, hogy szembenézzen az elmúlás gondolatával is – írja a cikk. Tették ezt annak köszönhetően, hogy a kiállításon Klimes Maurer Ákos és Kucsera Péter (IVANKA Beton) is megjelent különleges alkotásával.”

2009.05.13. Design Institute of Ausralia Grave concerns

2009.05.12. Увидимся / Let us be seen


2009.05.07. culturezap.frSpécial Milan / L’au-delà aussi Nadine Guérin « SEEYOU », AKOS MAURER KLIMES PETER KUCSERA, SALON SATELITTE – Une tombe dans un salon de design ?

2009.05.08. 10 Brilliant Breakthrough Designs From Milan Design Week ’09

2009.04.29. Seeyou” Gravestone by Akos Maurer Klimes, Peter Kucsera, &Ivanka for Ivanka, Budapest

2009.04.28. MOCOLOCO Milan 2009: Sabine’s Top 5 “As usual, it is no easy task to narrow down show faves, but I have to ask myself what images linger in my mind. I have already mentioned a few hits, here are five pieces that stand out. Studio Nacho Carbonell’s Skin furniture at Droog were compelling in look, feel and function, and the use of wool was the perfect way to highlight all these factors. The thought of including a tombstone in a design Top 5 might seem a little odd, but the Seeyou Project is the gravestone I would like to have. The Seeyou Project by Ivanka’s Akos Maurer and Peter Kucsera is a tasteful concrete gravestone that incorporates rain and fallen leaves as peaceful tokens of respect. It is a solemn piece without being depressing or morbid.”

2009.04.24. storm from the east Afterlifestlye by IVANKA in Milan By Richard Knobbs “This is perhaps one of the most stunning design projects I have seen for a long time. James Dean once said that you should ‘live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse‘, but I’m not sure how much thought he gave to leaving a well-designed gravestone. Budapest-based Ivanka have come up with something I never thought I would see – a stylish headstone.”

2009.04.24. Abitare –  furniTWITTER (day4)


2009.04.24. Design Folio New Zealand Taking it to the darkside

2009.04.24. Katalin a Andras Ivanka: Svět jako studna

2009.04.17. playmedesign.comSEEYOU Gravestone “here in Norway, the graveyards are dark and depressive and I really believe there is a great opportunity to redesign it into something more aesthetic but with the same ethic- and religious approach. ANYWAY, my point is: someone how have done this is Akos Maurer Klimes and Peter Kucsera together Ivanka.”

2009.04.04. Trend Hunter Grandiose Grave Markers “This ‘SeeYou’ concrete grave marker by Ivanka reminds me of my favorite Bob Knight quote, said right before he got fired from Indiana University: “When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are past; I want that they should bury me upside down, so my critics can kiss my ass.”

2009.04.04. Neurosis vs Neurosis Death is concrete, look good Like it or not death waits for no one, so look good in eternity baby : ) Elegant, expressive and earthen… owned.”

2009.04.03. Magyar beton sírhant is bemutatkozik Milánóban

2009.04.02. Designboom –  ivanka: ‘seeyou’ concrete gravestone design at milan design week

2009.04.02. –  ‘SeeYou’ Contemporary gravestone from Hungary

2009.04.02. USA Today – ’SEEYOU’ – Contemporary gravestone collection at the Milan Design Week 09 April

2009.01.29. THE EXHIBITION “LABORATOIRE DU RÉEL – LE DESIGN D’EUROPE CENTRALE” By Magda Kochanowska “The selected exhibits speak volumes about their countries of origin, and also about their approaches to design, particularly the varying understandings of experiment and innovation..There is no sense in forcing analogies, because in spite of their geographical proximity, each of these nations has gone through a more or less stormy history, and represents a slightly different economic and cultural state. A common Europe makes equal opportunities, but should not tempt us to erase cultural boundaries. Design helps us to transfer intellectual values to everyday material culture, and the more diversity we maintain in this era of globalization, the richer our future world will be.”

2009.01.28. Wallpaper New designers

New designers - Interiors - - International Design Interiors F_Page_1__ International Design seeyou ivanka

2009.01.24. 3 Rings – Live at IMM Cologne: Seeyou “Seeyou has to be one of the most unusual pieces shown at IMM Cologne. A collaboration between Hungarian designers Akos Maurer Klimes and Péter Kucsera in partnership with Ivanka Studio, Seeyou is the first contemporary grave design I’ve ever come across. The designer’s statement includes a brief explanation to the obvious question of ‘why’ and touches upon Western society’s often schizophrenic approach to burials: The oftenextravagant displays at funeral and then the all-to-frequent years of neglect. Not to mention designs for grave sites that are stuck hundreds and thousands of years in the past.”

2009.01.19. Kultú – Seeyou, avagy a temetkezési kultúra megújítója

Seeyou ivanka kucsera maurer kultura_hu 1_

2009.01.19. – Újabb külföldi sikerek előtt a magyar design síremlék

2009.01.19. Design Pumpa A halál kilovagol Kölnbe…

2008.11.19. – Nemzetközi kiállításon a magyar design síremlék

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